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Be in your mate’s corner and change a life – men urged in new campaign from Time To Change

MIND-IN-FURNESS is backing a new five year campaign by Time To Change to encourage men to be in their mate’s corner.

While there has been a positive step change in the way mental health is viewed and talked about in England - with 3.4 million people having improved attitudes - our research shows a persistent gap between the attitudes of men and women, with men consistently showing less favourable attitudes.  

Time to Change, the mental health campaign run by charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, carried out research into men’s attitudes towards mental health over the course of a year, which included feedback from 18 focus groups across the country. This new insight revealed a number of barriers preventing men in particular from opening up to the topic of mental health.  

So to reach men, Time to Change is launching its new campaign with a short, high-impact film featuring three heroic ‘corner men’; regular guys who are in a mate’s corner when he really needs them. The film will be launched today. (Feb 23)

We’re urging men to recognise how their attitudes and behaviours can influence others’ experiences of mental health problems – and that being in a friend’s corner can make all the difference. The campaign is relevant to everyone – men, women and young people – and shows straightforward ways that anyone can be there for someone. 

There are three steps people can take if they think a friend is struggling: 1.    Text, call, reach out to your mate 2.    Ask how they are, listen without judging 3.    Be yourself, do everyday things.

From today (23 Feb) you’ll be able to view the film and find out more about how to get involved in the campaign, by visiting: or following on social media using the hashtag #inyourcorner

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