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Mind in Furness members give their views on the way forward for the charity
Chief Officer Karen Dobson talks to Mind in Furness members

It was all go at Mind in Furness this week as staff invited members in to have their say.

On Wednesday (April 26) the middle floor of the School Street building, Barrow, was taken up my sessions to explain what the Barrow charity does as well as getting frank feedback from those using the service.

In the activity room Chief officer Karen Dobson looked at options for future projects.

She said: It was a fantastic experience as a Chief Officer being able to listen to our service users and members talking about services and making suggestions to inform our strategy. "Thanks to all of you who came in, contributed and joined us for lunch, we will keep you all informed about developments."

Connect Worker Julie Wilson talked to members about the impact of crisis on their mental health, lives and relationships. Many of the service users opened up in the session and chatted about how crisis had impacted on them.

Julie Wilson chats to Mind in Furness member George about crisis work carried out by staff

Connect Worker Mike Corker held sessions using a format of a Johari window to inform members of what we do and allowing them to discuss ways forward.

It was split into four sections. The open one which listed all the services provided by Mind in Furness which can be seen, another introducing staff and explaining the roles they carry out and what they do behind the scenes that members may not be aware of, a blind section which was for members to give their feedback good or bad and unknown about the future and plans that are being out in place and possible obstacles.

Connect worker Mike Corker chats to members about what goes on at Mind in Furness

Those taking part received a buffet lunch for taking part and thanked for all their help in planning the next 12 months of the vital community service.

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