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Mind in Furness rely heavily on volunteers to help with the day-to-day running of our centre. Volunteers play a vital part in helping and running many of the activities and groups that we have on offer on a weekly basis. We offer many volunteer opportunities, not just to our members, but to people externally too. Volunteering doesn't just have to be about giving something back to an organisation who may have helped you in the past, we welcome people who wish to volunteer for many different reasons. It may be to gain experience in a certain area, to help build up your CV with the longer-term aim of getting a job. It could also be to aid you into getting on a college/university course or just because you enjoy helping others. Whatever the reason is, we are always willing to offer a volunteer position (if available) to the right candidate. Types of volunteer positions on offer are: Reception volunteer Support volunteer Group Assistant volunteer Kitchen volunteer Conservation volunteer Charity Shop volunteer Fundraising volunteer

If you wish to volunteer with us we are currently looking for Conservation Volunteers to assist us on our visits to High Wray, if you are interested and would like further information please give us a call on 01229 827094 and ask to speak to Richard

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